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Democratising DeFi*

DeFi = Decentralised Finance, meaning financial instruments (think loans) that don't rely on intermediaries (think banks).

With SavingBlocks you can cut out the middleman & earn decentralised market yields on your GBP without having to buy cryptocurrencies or worry about volatility.

What we do

The SavingBlocks app offers a fixed 5% APY on your GBP, using the dynamics of the crypto lending markets combined with dollar stability.

You can accrue interest in real time and automatically reinvest or withdraw your money on demand thanks to our diversified portfolio of liquid and non-volatile assets.

It's easy access savings at its best!

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How it works

When you save with SavingBlocks, we convert your money to digital dollars backed 1:1 by real assets to generate higher returns in decentralised markets.

Our trusted partners lend your money through a decentralised network of borrowers to generate stable returns with best-in-class custody & blockchain protocol insurance.

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Unlock the power of DeFi: Earn 5% APY on your GBP deposits & withdraw your money anytime. Sign up today!

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