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Invest in crypto on auto-pilot with SavingBlocks. Connect your bank & answer 15 simple questions to build a digital asset portfolio tailored to your goals.

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Invest in crypto & DeFi on auto-pilot.

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Set up auto-deposit

Connect your bank account & choose the amount & frequency to invest. Spreading out your investments (also known as dollar-cost averaging) ensures the price you pay for digital assets is less affected by market timing.

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Priority Support

Speak directly with our investment team and get an answer within 24 hours. You get a free 30min consultation to set up your portfolio.

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Secure by default

SavingBlocks uses 256-bit encryption, institutional asset custody safeguards & biometric identity verification to keep your assets safe and available 24/7.

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Crystal Clear

Crypto investing can be complicated & time-consuming. With SavingBlocks you can build a portfolio tailored to your goals with no crypto jargon in under 5min.

A portfolio that works for you

Answer a few simple questions and get a portfolio that
matches your goals and risk appetite.

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Actively managed

Your portfolio is managed by experts who rebalance funds regularly to minimise risk.

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Smart compounding

Earn interest on your assets with DeFi and automatically reinvest to maximise returns.

Simplicity without compromise

We make it easy for you to get exposure to digital assets and track your portfolio in a few taps.

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Secure & convenient

We use Open Banking technology for faster & safer transactions.

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Balance updated 24/7

The crypto markets never close. Get real-time updates on you portfolio.

Join a growing community of smart crypto investors

Over 7,000 investors have signed up to get early access to the SavingBlocks app since we launched our closed Beta in Nov 22.

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Invest in crypto on auto-pilot.

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