A bank account for your crypto life

Manage and exchange your cash & crypto in one place. Spend, transfer & invest instantly without limits. Stay in control of your assets with a self-custodial wallet.

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SavingBlocks crypto app

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Manage your cash & crypto in one place

Cash or crypto: your call

Exchange your cash into crypto (and vice versa) based on your everyday needs. Store value, transfer it and spend however you see fit.

Recurring payments

Transfer part of you salary into crypto and pay your rent, bills & subscriptions using the asset(s) of your choice.

Priority Support

Get in touch with our team 24/7. You even get a free 30min consultation to help set up your account & crypto wallet.

Secure by default

SavingBlocks uses 256-bit encryption, MPC-protected wallets & biometric verification to keep your assets safe at all times.

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Automate your digital asset portolio

Unsure how to invest? Complete a 5min risk assessment & get a crypto portfolio that matches your goals.

Periodic rebalancing

Take profits, manage risk & automate decision-making with smart contracts

Smart compounding

Earn interest on your assets through staking & lending via trusted protocols

Simplicity without compromise

Take control of your financial assets today! Join the waitlist to get early access to the SavingBlocks app.

Fast & secure

We use Open Banking technology for faster & safer fiat transactions.

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Balance updated 24/7

The crypto markets never close. Get real-time updates on your assets.

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A community of smart spenders & investors

Over 9,000 investors have signed up to get early access to the SavingBlocks app since we launched our closed Beta.

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Manage your fiat & crypto in one place

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